Every year CRAA publishes a premier quadrant hockey magazine in Calgary
Its purposes:
+ A major fundraiser for both the Association and individual teams.
+ Information/reference guide for your players, coaches, managers, parents, fans, and advertisers.
+ A valuable memento/yearbook for players, coaches, managers and parents.

Each team must sell its share of advertising to ensure the continued success of this project. The BLUELINE MAGAZINE will be printed in mid December. Each team's BlueLine Coordinator will receive their teams' magazine allocation, and distribute them accordingly.


2010-2011 Blueline Report

Thank you to all of our participants in the Blueline this season. We have a PDF copy on our website for the first time this year. Thank you so much to Coral Tilbury Dambrauskas for this addition. Our teams have all used this fund raiser to help alleviate the costs of the team.

We have distributed over $130,000 this year to our teams for their efforts. Bantam AA Blue is the High fund raiser this year earning them the bonus amount of $1000.

Joni Bradley
Royals Fund Raising Director
Blueline Coordinator 
Blueline Announcement 2010-2011

This year we are able to offer an Online PDF of the CRAA BLUELINE MAGAZINE. 
Many thanks go out to our Association Blueline Coordinator; Joni Bradley, who has implemented and assisted with the creation of our Association MAIN Fundraiser. 
To Bob Hart; photographer, Oil City Press; printer and supplier of the Online PDF,
Thank you.

Please be patient with the following link as it loads;
the document is very large and will take a few moments. 


BlueLine Announcement 2009-2010

Way to go Teams!!!
Blueline Update. The final tally for the Blueline is in and we have had another successful year with our fund raising through Blueline advertising. Bantam AA Blue has earned the Bonus of $1000 for high sales.

The teams will have their cheques to them shortly and the Year books will be distributed December 22/09 or 23/09

Yours in hockey,
Joni Bradley
Calgary Royals - Blueline Coordinator

2009-2010 BlueLine Handout Package

BlueLine Announcement 2008 - 2009

Thank you to everyone's efforts in the production of the Blueline this year. The amount that is going back to the teams has made the Blueline efforts a Major fundraiser for each team.

The Blueline campaign for the season of 2008-2009 is complete once again. This has absolutely been the very best year we have ever had. There was over $210,000 in ads that will produce a distribution of  $128,827 going back to the teams in funds and bonuses earned.

The team totals are $123,373.54. The total in bonuses earned is $5453.82 The amount being distributed to the teams this year is more than $10,000; higher than the original gross amount that the Blueline produced six years ago. Way to go Teams!!!

Yours in hockey,
Joni Bradley
Calgary Royals - Blueline Coordinator

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